Consumer Units

The main component of any premises electrically is the consumer unit, otherwise referred to as the fuse box. This is often found in a kitchen cupboard, utility room or garage as the box can be large and unsightly. It is essentially the hub where mains electricity is fed into the building. The function of the consumer unit is to distribute this electricity effectively around the property wherever it is required. Different areas will have their own switch, allowing the owners to flick electricity on or off safely and effectively. If a fault occurs the switch flicks off automatically, known as tripping out.

controlling TV powered by mains electricity

Washing Machine powered by mains electricity

Consumer Unit Installation & Replacement

Installing and upgrading consumer units is a major task and must in all circumstances only be attempted by fully certified electrical contractors. Attempting this task yourself will endanger your health and your property.

Fortunately, consumer units can last many years and will only need replacement if a property goes under some change to require additional power or if the unit is coming to the end of its life and trips out often due to overload or some minor electrical fault. A common scenario is that an old property may be bought needing complete refurbishment. In these circumstances a new consumer unit and complete rewiring of the property may be necessary.

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