Solar Panels - Saving You Money On Your Electricity Bill

Solar Panels - Saving You Money On Your Electricity Bill

Posted 1st April 2019

Taking care of the planet doesn't have to be too complicated. From the smallest and simplest actions, we can collaborate in the temperance of the environment. On average, according to the World Bank, the global emission of carbon (pollutant) from heat and electricity production in 2014 reached 49.04%, a considerable increase compared to twenty years earlier, with 45.1%.


A Solar PV system is a great way of obtaining energy through sunlight, which reduces the carbon produced on earth and saves you a lot on your electricity bills.


How do solar panels work?

The semiconductor sheets of solar panels are constantly exposed to sunlight. It has to be in a strategic position to receive as much energy as possible. As soon as it is exposed to solar radiation, the energy is transmitted to the electrons of the semiconductor, which then breaks the barrier of the P-N junction and goes out the semiconductor through an external circuit (and as if by magic we have electricity!).


How can they profit me?

If you produce more electricity than you consume, you can store it in a battery (you never know when you need a little power). Thus, saving the planet 1.6 tons of carbon per year!


Solar PV: Costs and benefits for your budget

We're not going to lie to you: solar PVs are not as cheap as you'd like them to be. Although you can save a more if you choose the right company. Our advice: don't go for the first tempting offer. Remember that we are talking about extremely delicate equipment that must be of good quality and installed only by professionals. 


Now, if you're still willing to switch to renewable energy, you'll recover the installation costs with the considerable savings made on electricity bills.


So if you start using renewable energy with your solar panels, you won't depend on your energy company (your debt is reduced depending on the size, type and capacity of your solar panel), so you can invest what you previously had to pay in bills for something else.


Be part of the positive change for the planet by saving money and renewable energy with a solar panel!


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