Why PAT Testing Keeps Your Business Safe & Compliant

Why PAT Testing Keeps Your Business Safe & Compliant

Posted 28th February 2019

Portable appliance testing or PAT testing as it is known by most, is the electrical inspection and testing of appliances. According to Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, all electrical installations in the UK must not be a hazard to people. Its design must obey mandatory safety guidelines and go through a maintenance process whenever necessary.


The portable appliance testing (or PAT testing) is a routine of inspection that ensures the proper functioning of electrical equipment and installations through a process of surface observation and other more meticulous testing. Failed appliances can lead to dangerous electricutions or fires. Read our recent blog on 'steps to prevent electrical fire'.



It is important to note that this procedure should only be done by professionals, so we recommend that you go to a licensed electrician or your local power company if you wish to have it performed in your home or business.


When should I carry out PAT testing?

There are many factors relating to an appliance that surround this question. For instance, its electrical class and the category of the equipment (whether it is fixed or mobile equipment, which environment it’s used in etc.). It is recommended on a standard use basis to perform a test every year.


Since it is not the same to inspect a TV in a waiting room as it is to inspect the wiring in an operating room, the procedures vary according to the needs: 


First, a visual inspection is performed in which the engineers makes sure that the equipment does not look badly damaged or interfere with other electrical installations. The visual inspection is done with the equipment in operation and then by a more formal review when it’s off. Then, to make sure that everything is under control, several electrical tests are made (earth continuity, Insulation resistance, and functional checks).


PAT testing and energy safety

Regular PAT testing will ensure that your electrical appliances are working properly. 

Although it's not required by law to be performed at set times, furthermore, as it is a relatively simple but effective process, it has become an alternative to comply with the legal obligation to maintain the safety of users of electrical installations, as well as those who carry out work of this type.


The importance of supervising electrical installations in buildings and businesses lies in the constant contact of people with equipment. If you do constant inspections, you will reduce accidents and emergency situations. In addition, you will extend the life of your equipment by correcting small faults that can lead to more significant losses in the long run!


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