The First Light Bulb - Designed by Thomas Edison

29th April 2019

The generalisation of the light bulb transformed our world. It radically changed our habits by bringing light where it once depended on the sun or candles, giving us full control of our daily cycles.

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The Future of Renewable Energy

15th April 2019

Renewable energies make use of natural resources such as wind, sunlight, water flow or vegetable oils to generate enough power for human consumption without harming the planet 

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Solar Panels - Saving You Money On Your Electricity Bill

1st April 2019

A Solar PV system is a great way of obtaining energy through sunlight, which reduces the carbon produced on earth and saves you a lot on your electricity bills.

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Why PAT Testing Keeps Your Business Safe & Compliant

28th February 2019

Portable appliance testing or PAT testing as it is known by most, is the electrical inspection and testing of appliances. According to Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, all electrical installations in the UK must not be a hazard to people. Its...

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Steps To Prevent Electrical Fire

12th February 2019

Between 2016 and 2017 alone, the UK fire department recorded a total of 7,822 electrical fire accidents. Preventing electrical fires starts with small actions that seem insignificant, but in the long term could save money and most importantly...

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Why LED Is Best For Your Wallet

22nd January 2019

While a conventional light bulb has a service life of 1200 hours if lit a couple of hours a day, LED lights are high-performance, lasting up to 10,000 hours (equivalent to more than a year of continuous operation).

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