10 Most Common Causes Of Fires And How To Prevent Them!

14th December 2018

If you want to prevent accidents, look at the 10 most common causes of fires according to statistics issued by the UK Government, updated in 2017 and how you can prevent them to protect yourself and your loved ones .

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Why Are We BAFE?

3rd December 2018

According to UK fire legislation published in October 2005, all owners or managers of a building must have a fire protection system. Although there are many alternatives to cover such an emergency, not all meet the minimum quality and efficiency...

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Which Fire Alarm System Suits You Best?

15th November 2018

Using a fire alarm system can make a huge difference in an emergency situation. It significantly reduces the number of material and human losses by allowing early detection of an airborne anomaly. 

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Intelligent Lighting Systems - Wow Your Guests With A Bespoke Audio And Visual Home System

29th October 2018

Intelligent lighting systems allow you to save considerably, as they consume less energy and cost as much or less than a "traditional" device. Through your smartphone, these devices will be interconnected by Bluetooth or a...

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BAFE SP203 - What It’s All About?

15th October 2018

The British Approvals for Fire Equipment (or BAFE) is an independent organisation dedicated to certifying the efficiency of emergency management equipment, especially firefighting equipment. With more than 30 years of service in the UK, its seal...

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18th Edition Wiring Regulations: What’s Changed?

1st October 2018

The British Standard BS 7671 is an essential guide for those who work with commerical electrical environments in the UK. A new edition has recently been published in which it has reconsidered some specific aspects of installation,...

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